e s c a p i s m

by Mauru

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on the EP:
Ness Woods: vocals, guitar, bass, drum machine, midi
Kida Shorts: keyboard, piano, synth, bells


released April 3, 2014

all parts created by Ness Woods
lyrics & vocals by Ness Woods

cover art by Ko (Naomi W): ko-yamii.deviantart.com/gallery
recorded by Christopher Hoffee
Chaos Recorders, Escondido, CA




Mauru San Diego, California

Mauru is music by Ness performed with friends based out of San Diego CA

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Track Name: Let Her Go
can't leave me hanging after dark.
i kind of felt your fear of heart.
lose her to chase me thats a sign.
i never felt like you were mine.

i'm sad, we're sad and young with soul.
she is the one for all i know.
first base at night and at the park.
i kind of like the way you aren't...
Track Name: Since We've Been Apart
this is a part three of you never really liked it loud.
kind of hoped you could of seen what i really am all about.
now i loved you; maybe. but your jealousy cramps my style.
shit happens naturally so i really, really had no doubt.

that i'm kicked out. and i'm betrayed now.

your loving shimmy shook me baby, second time.
false loving. for show. loyalty's hard to find.

"hold on. i'm" "hold on, i'm..." not this time.
Track Name: Crumbs (i'm your one)
stop. stare. not aware.
i am not your way.
we pulled apart. age and darken
underneath we're scarce.

grab your guns, i'm your fun.
slipping tongue, while you're young.
you're the sun, i'm your one.
Track Name: You're Sane
you're sane. honestly. honestly.
you came back to me, back to me.
obligate the loyal faith.
re announce all doubt.

you're sane. honestly. honestly.
you came back to me. back to me.
obligate the loyal faith.
teach me love teach me hate.
Track Name: Slumber
late at night, a ponder f(or) a secret.
can you feel, you're hiding now
you're gone. you're gone.
you're gone again. peace.

upon the floor alone.
rumpy rumpy rumble.
rumpy rumpy rumble.
la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. la.

lion under trial.